Holy Week Ceremonies

The entire town of Orosei takes part in the ceremonies for the Holy Week, helping the confraternities in decorating the churches and participating in the traditional celebrations.

During the Holy Week celebrations every church is decorated with flowers, palm trees, olive branches and with the typical “nenneros”, plates on which grain of wheat or legumes are left to germinate in the dark. Afterwards come the preparation for the sepulcher, Sos Sepurcros, and churches are left open for the corfajos to visit, members of the confraternities of the Holy Cross, of the Souls and Rosary and for the entire population.

The organization for these celebrations is meticulous and follows a precise and ancient procedure. It starts on Thursday with Sos Sepurcros procession: the confraternities visit the churches praying on the altars. The white tunics of the three confraternities animate the streets during Holy Week most important processions: on Holy Friday it’s time for “Su Brossolu”, where Vergine Dolente and Cristo Deposto dalla Croce are the main protagonists. On Sunday morning, at the foot of the basalt stairs of the most important church in town, “S’Incontru” takes place, the encounter between Christ after His resurrection and the Virgin Mary. While Friday’s celebrations are sad and sorrowful, those on Sunday are full with joy and triumph, accompanied by local choir Su Concordu singing Magnificat.