Saint Giacomo Patronal feast

“There is a great, false baroque façade to a church, up a wavering vast mass of steps: and at 239 the side a wonderful jumble of roundnesses with a jumble of round tiled roofs, peaked in the center. It must have been some sort of convent. But it is eminently what they call a "painter's bit"--that pallid, big baroque face, at the top of the slow incline, and the very curious dark building at the side of it, with its several dark-tiled round roofs, like pointed hats, at varying altitudes.” (David Herbert Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, 1921)

A big ceremony takes place in Orosei in honor of San Giacomo Apostolo, the patron saint. A group of young people in their 30’s and the municipality, together with several sponsors, organize six days of celebrations with music and traditions. Orosei’s youngsters work for a whole year by organizing parties and celebrations to collect money for this special event.

Traditionally the civil celebrations are inaugurated by a sardinian improvised poetry competition between Sardinia’s best poets: their rhymes are accompanied by the voice of a tenor from Orosei.

Afterward, on the stage in Piazza del Popolo, it’s time for the songs and guitars of the Logudoro area.

On July the 25th, day of the Patron Saint, Mass is celebrated in the church of Saint Giacomo, followed by a procession for the Saint’s simulacrum. The celebration continues in Piazza del Popolo at 9 p.m. with folk groups or cabaret or similar shows.